Los Angeles Legal Secretaries Association

President’s Message

Is it Spring yet? Is everyone ready for the warm and sunny weather that comes along with Spring? Yes we are!

As we prepare to end another fiscal year (April 30, 2020), I want to thank the Board and Chairpersons of the Los Angeles Legal Secretaries Association (“LALSA”) for their continued support as we continue our stride to greatness. LALSA would not exist without you and I appreciate all that you do for LALSA!

We are always looking forward to great things for LALSA. If you are a member with a specific talent, consider putting your talents and interest to good use and volunteer to be a Chairperson or even join a committee. Since we will be starting a new fiscal year on May 1, there are many volunteer opportunities available. What would you like to do?  Please let us know.

LALSA will be installing its 89th slate of officers for the 2020‑2021 fiscal year. Just think, LALSA has been educating legal professions for over 89 years! If you are a member just joining us, please know that you are in great company.

We are preparing for the LSI Annual Conference in Sacramento on Mother’s Day (May 7‑10) at the Hilton Arden West hosted by Sacramento Legal Secretaries Association.  We hope you will join us.

Our next meeting is March 17. Until we meet again, please be safe!

Number of Visitors: 60