President’s Message

Dear LALSA Members and Friends,

It’s September!  Who’s ready to wear the Fall colors, orange, browns and yellow?  Most of us are still working remotely, but we can still look forward to wearing Fall colors.

The Delta Variant is still spreading.  We must stay vigilant and keep up the social distancing and do all that we can to protect ourselves and our families.

New LALSA Logo! We have created a logo for LALSA!  The logo captures the spirit of Los Angeles with the downtown skyline, including the colors of the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Dodgers.  Let us know what you think.

Legal Professionals, Incorporated.  As members of Legal Professionals, Incorporated, we strive to provide our members and non-members educational opportunities at conferences and at the local associations.  Our objectives and purpose of this Association is:

  • To unite personnel engaged in any phase of legal work
  • To stimulate a high order of business and professional attainment
  • To gain further knowledge of the law and uphold its honor and dignity
  • To gain further knowledge through educational programs
  • To achieve professional advancement; and
  • To create a high standard of ethics and establish good fellowship among members

We hope you get the opportunity to attend a conference virtually or in-person.  It is an opportunity to meet new friends while gaining knowledge of the law and our profession as Legal Professionals.  Please visit the LPI website at to learn about the many virtual opportunities offered to our members.

LPI’s First Quarterly Conference.  August 26-29, 2021, hosted by LPI: This was our first in-person conference in over a year!  It was great to see everyone!  The conference was also on live stream and a Zoom link was provided.  We hope you got a chance to check us out.  I am attaching a copy of the Resume of the Executive Committee Meeting.  This gives you an idea of the items discussed; everyone is given an opportunity to ask questions regarding any of the items listed.

We voted on the Proposed Joint Venture between LPI and First Legal!  The terms of the agreement are valid from August 28, 2021, through August 27, 2022.  I wanted to share the first two items of the Joint Venture, as these items will certainly get LPI’s name out in the universe.  There is more to the agreement, but I wanted to share this part:

  • First Legal agrees to pass along 4 LPI notices to client base per year (1 per quarter; FL has final sign-off on content).
  • First Legal will put LPI’s name/logo (with enabled web link) on the banner in their vendor page once created.
  • -LPI agrees to put First Legal as a joint venture partner on its website.
  • LPI will cover First Legal exhibitor fees for all LPI Conferences for the 2021‑2022 year for in-person, hybrid, and virtual events.
  • LPI’s Second Quarterly Conference will be held November 19‑21, 2021, in San Diego, California.  This conference will also be hosted by LPI.  Please join us via Zoom or in‑person.  More information to come.

Thinking about taking a more active role in your Association?  I encourage new and long-time members of LALSA to run for office.  Little time is required to serve on the Board.  Serving on the Board can be beneficial and rewarding.  We still have work to do, and we would love for you to join us on this journey.

Would you like to be on the Audit Committee?  Are you good with numbers?  Are you good with finances?  We are planning our annual audit and we are looking for volunteers to be on the Audit Committee.  If you are interested, please let us know.

Possible Name Change.  We previously asked for your thoughts on a possible name change from Los Angeles Legal Secretaries Association to Los Angeles Legal Professionals Association.  We received a few responses but would like to hear from more of you.  How do you feel about the name change?

Until we meet again, please stay safe and well.  Remember to be kind to your mind.

Rita Burnett, CCLS
Los Angeles Legal Secretaries Association