Qualifications for Active Membership:*

An active member shall be a person directly engaged in work of a legal nature in California who is either: (1) licensed to practice law; (2) employed as legal support staff in the office of any attorney engaged in the practice of law; (3) employed by the courts; or (4) employed in any other institution or office providing services of a legal nature.

* Student and Associate memberships may be available through certain subchapters of LPI.  Please check with the local association(s) in your area.

There are two ways to become an active member of Legal Professionals, Incorporated (“LPI”). You may join:

  • A Local Association — LPI has over thirty local associations throughout California. By joining a local association you also become a member of LPI and enjoy the benefits of the local association as well as LPI. Contact a representative from one of our associations by visiting the Local Association page on this website, and clicking the association of your choice. Your e-mail will be sent directly to the person assigned as the contact for that association.  We invite you to submit your Application to the Los Angeles Legal Secretaries Association Today! 
  • Member-at-Large — You may join LPI by becoming a Member-at-Large. As a Member-at-Large, you will be eligible for the majority of benefits of membership, and are eligible to attend local association meetings and events throughout California. Complete the application and process your payment online, or mail the completed application and your check made payable to LPI for $50 to LPI’s Corporate Office.Please note that the fiscal year is May 1 through April 30. LPI does not pro rate annual dues. Approval process may take 7-10 days.

Enhance your career and further your education — join LPI today!

Advantages of Membership

LPI® provides educational, professional, and personal development information to legal support staff throughout the state of California. These educational opportunities are available to members (and non-members, for a nominal fee) throughout California.

  • Monthly educational programs and newsletters are provided by local associations
  • General educational programs are offered at each LPI conference free to anyone registered to attend. Topics vary among specialized areas of law, ethics, law office products and management, and personal development. Click on the calendar for more information about upcoming LPI and Local Association Events.
  • Members (and non-members) are given the opportunity to join one or all six Legal Specialization Sections. Each specialization section offers seminars and newsletters on specific areas of law. Seminars are presented at each LPI quarterly and annual conference free to LPI section members and at a reduced cost to non-section members. For more information, click on “Legal Specialization Sections.”
  • Many local associations offer study groups for members interested in preparing to take the California Certified Legal Secretary (CCLS®) examination. LPI also offers an online CCLS Study Course.  Information on the CCLS examination can be found by clicking on “California Certified Legal Secretary.”

These programs are designed to provide current material and educational tools to enable law office support staff to remain current with the changes in general law, as well as in their respective areas of practice.


Why Become a Legal Professional?

  • Competitive salaries and benefits
  • Knowledge and skills allow the freedom to work anywhere
  • Competent legal professionals are well-respected in the legal community
  • Legal professionals fulfill a vital and meaningful role for law firms and attorneys
  • Continuing education enhances legal professionals, making them an asset to every employer

Why Join Legal Professionals, Incorporated?

  • Become one of the approximately 1,300 elite legal professionals in California
  • Build a network of knowledge by meeting other legal professionals
  • Continuing education is the main focus of Legal Professionals, Incorporated
  • Our motto: Excellence through Education
  • Expand your personal and professional development and skills through a multitude of educational opportunities offered statewide
  • Enjoy discounted educational benefits through the Continuing Education of the Bar
  • Become a California Certified Legal Secretary (CCLS®) through a course of study and a comprehensive examination
  • Easily maintain your CCLS credits and your MCLE credits through workshops and seminars sponsored by the Continuing Education Council and Legal Specialization Sections of Legal Professionals, Incorporated

How You Can Become a Legal Professional:

  • Learn basic secretarial and computer skills
  • Enroll in a legal secretarial or paralegal course through business schools and college courses
  • Enroll in a training course offered by a Legal Professionals, Incorporated, association in your area, or through LPI’s online courses
  • Legal Professionals, Incorporated, offers scholarships to non-members interested in pursuing a career in the legal field

Discounts for LPI Members

In addition to the many educational and networking opportunities, LPI members may receive discounts for certain educational seminars and publications offered through Continuing Education of the Bar (CEB). Agents for insurance and financial providers are available as resources when members inquire about benefits in an effort to obtain the best coverage for each member’s individual needs and location. Access to credit unions and rental cars are also available.